Rofaida Ahmed

Rofaida is a graphic designer and illustrator from Yemen. As a volunteer illustrator for 'Yemen Used to Be' Rofaida advocates for the rich history of Yemen, shining a light on the positive sides of this culture, and changing the image of Yemen in the eyes of both Yemeni and non-Yemeni people. She answered a few questions about her story and how the conflict has affected her.

Where are you from?
I was born in Taiz

Where do you live now?
Currently, I live in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia


And what are you doing?
I completed my diploma two months ago in 3D animation. Currently, I work as a freelance painter and also a volunteer on Yemen Used to Be.

What is Yemen Used to Be?

An artistic initiative that aims to alter stereotypes held about Yemen. Most people around the world see Yemen as a poor, war torn country, but we are much more than that and have a very rich history. At Yemen Used to Be we are highlighting the amazing things that Yemeni people have done so that people from Yemen realise what they can do and people outside of Yemen see that Yemen is much more than just a war zone.