Originally from Yemen, Sakhr has been living in New Zealand since 2016. He works for the Red Cross as a youth activator. We chatted with him about the situation in Yemen and how from New Zealand we can make a difference. Read what he had to say.

Rofaida is a graphic designer and illustrator from Yemen. As a volunteer illustrator for 'Yemen Used to Be' Rofaida advocates for the rich history of Yemen, shining a light on the positive sides of this culture, and changing the image of Yemen in the eyes of both Yemeni and non-Yemeni people. She answered a few questions about her story and how the conflict has affected her.

Bashayer is a Social Media Manager at the Romooz Foundation in Sana’a, Yemen. Here they promote Yemeni art and culture as a means for conflict resolution, peace building and social development. We asked her a few questions about her story and what being Yemeni means to her.

Abdulrahman Alward is a content creator and filmmaker from Yemen. Through his work he showcases the pop culture and everyday life of Yemen. He answered a few questions for us, giving background into being an artist amidst a crisis and his view on what’s going on

Yemen has consistently been ranked the lowest on the World Economic Forum’s Global Gender Gap Index since 2002 (17 years in a row!). Gender equality is not only hindered by culture and society, but the government itself. The stories of discrimination, child marriage and violence against women are horrific and more needs to be done about it. We spoke to Alaa, the founder of the Yemeni Feminist Movement to hear her opinion on the issues faced by Yemeni women and what her platform is doing about it. We highly recommend reading more about these issues via the yemeni feminist movement blog, it is shocking what Yemeni women are subjected to and more people need to know about it for change to happen.

Amani Yahya has been labeled the first female rapper in Yemeni. In a country with such gender disparity this is a huge feat. We spoke to Amaani about her work as a rapper and an activist and how being from Yemen has influenced her work

Mariam is a filmmaker from Yemen. Mariam speaks of her journey as a filmmaker, the guilt she lives with for leaving Yemen and what she is trying to achieve with her films.

Rami is a musician aiming to change the stereotypes that surround traditional Yemeni music. Over the last 3 years he has delved into the culture and history behind this dying art form and through his music he continues to raise awareness for the crisis in Yemen.