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Abdulrahman Alward

Abdulrahman is a content creator and filmmaker from Yemen. Through his work he showcases the pop culture and everyday life in Yemen. He answered a few questions for us, giving background into being an artist amidst a crisis and his view on what’s going on

Where in Yemen are you from? and what do you do?

I'm from Ibb, Yemen, I live in Sana’a. I'm a filmmaker and a content creator


How has the conflict affected you and your loved ones?

Well I feel like we are struggling to do the things that we love because of the situation In Yemen

What makes you proud to be from Yemen?

What makes me proud to be from Yemen is the situation isn’t comfortable for any artist but instead of keeping them down they try their best to create beauty to represent their country. Yemen turns the average artist to a strong artist, given the chance their art could be strong competitors to those outside of Yemen due to all the hardships thy went through


What would you tell people who don't know anything about Yemen?
I’d tell them, although this is the country is victim to oppression and war until now, however it has a big source of beauty. Whether it be the nature of its people, the land, or the artists that are overlooked in the media that only decides to focus on the war


How do you feel about the world's response to the crisis in Yemen?
I feel that no matter how much the world tries to create temporary solutions for emergency situations, it is still useless in the long run due to the ongoing war. I believe if such efforts were used to stop the war instead it would be much more beneficial than waiting for tragedies to happen in order to come and provide the solution

What is the situation like in Yemen at the moment?

The situation in Yemen currently is similar to having a family with kids but the parents hate each other. They never loved each other and were forced to marry. Their problems are always constant and consistent because they don’t want to listen to each other. The couple is then forced to listen to someone outside their family whose biased to only one side. In return the kids fall victim to the problems caused by their parents and no one is there to help be her. The parents don’t divorce and let their kids live the proper divorced life nor do they live in peace and raise their kids in an environment of peace. Whatever the parent’s issues are the kids are bound to receive the backlash.

In this situation the people are the kids
The parents are both sides of the conflict
And the person helping is the third party countries that are biased

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