Short IG TV videos giving context into different issues and stories happening in Yemen

Aljazeera clearly explains the complex and confusing dynamics of the war in Yemen in this short video

Video explaining the arms trade in Yemen and the world power's involvement in causing this war

Page explaining the history of Yemen's conflict

"An art initiative that aims to alter stereotypes held about Yemen. Within Yemen, people’s spirits have narrowed to a present where all they can see is the negativity around them. From this starting point, we changed focus and started telling stories about how ‘Yemen Used To Be’, and this is how our story starts."

Vice documentary looking into the crisis in Yemen

"The Yemeni Feminist Movement is the first Yemeni feminist online platform dedicated to raise awareness on feminism and discriminatory laws and practices against women in Yemen."

Nada Al Ahdal is a Yemeni activist. Nada has seen the awful effects of violence and sexual abuse that come from the systemic sexism in Yemen. Her youtube videos raise awareness of the abuses that are being far too often inflicted on Yemeni women and girls.