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Hadi Takes Over

25th Feb 2012

To many Yemeni people's relief Saleh is forced to resign. Backed by the Gulf Cooperation Council (largely lead by Saudi Arabia) Vice President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi takes his place. There is hope for positive change to Yemen's political and economic situation.

Yemeni Uprising

27th Jan - 27 Feb 2011

Hundreds of Yemeni people take to the streets in protest against their ruler of more than 3 decades - Ali Abdullah Saleh. After years of economic instability, corruption and widespread poverty, Yemeni people call for rapid reform 

No Change in Sight


Yemen continues to suffer under president Hadi. Yemeni people begin to realise that his rule has not led to a Revolution but simply a return of old elites and Gulf powers to control.

Houthis Storm Sana'a

21 September 2014

Angered by several implementations made by the new government, the Houthis rebel group storm Yemen's capital Sana'a.
President Hadi flees to Saudi Arabia. The Saudis, along with several other countries, form a coalition to return Hadi to power.

Aid Blockage


The Saudi-led coalition implement a land, sea and air barrier around Yemen, preventing food and aid from flowing in and out of the country. The Houthis are also to blame for blocking, destroying and taking much needed supplies from Yemeni civilians.

Airstrikes continue

Saleh + Houthis Alliance

July 2016

Ex-President Saleh forms an alliance with Houthis to conspire against Hadi's presidency.

Saudi-Arabia and the USA continue to conduct airstrikes over Yemen

Saleh Assasination

November 2017

The Houthis kill Saleh after he switches alliances.

Further Blockades

November 2017

Blockades in Yemen are increased by the Saudi-led coalition after the release of ballistic missiles in the region. This leads to even further food insecurity.

Worsening Crisis


Yemen's humanitarian crisis continues to worsen with a serious lack of food, medical facilities, supplies and overall lack of stability.

Man-made Crisis

*Amnesty International

By the end of 2019 more than 200,000 Yemenis are estimated to have been killed as a result of fighting and the humanitarian crisis.*

COVID, Famine, War


With the COVID-19 pandemic causing a global lockdown, aid in Yemen becomes even more scarce. Funding is halved, humanitarian aid reduced and - on top of war and famine - Yemen is faced with yet another crisis.

10 Years of Destruction

10 years since the hopeful uprising of the Yemeni people.


Yemen is on the verge of the worst famine in 40 years. Airstrikes, blockades, cholera and political upheaval continue.

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